Gain More Customers by Putting Your Business in the Front

Explore several ways you could change the ways your customers perceive your business, positioning your brand name on top of mind always for all your targeted customers driving net profitability index up.

"What really turned me over was the ability to constantly convert potential customers on the street to become paid customers."
Hannah O.
Husni Eye Clinic, Abuja

Create Unique Solutions

Developing solutions that meet both aesthetic and the exact customer needs in a simple yet unique way to place your solution among the best.

We craft the back-end, database and the front-end UI/UX to give you an all-round solution. 

We can also host your application for you on the AWS platform creating industry-standard architectural frameworks around it.

Sublime Graphics Design

Get highly innovative marketing or print designs.

We help with Logo Designs, Graphic Ad designs, Web Designs, App Designs, Book and Magazine Design, Info graphics and Illustration. 

Online Ads and Analytics

In addition to our online support capability for your product or brand, we can also create, run, and manage bespoke ads that will help to add more numbers to your turnover. 

Google ads as well as Facebook ads always help to increase your ROI and we can also deplore and manage the analytics tool to measure or track these numbers for clarity and reporting purpose.

What we do

Customer Capture

Acquire leads and take them through a well defined and managed funnel until they are converted to paid and loyal customers.

Graphics Designing

Get excellent graphics design works delivered to you at affordable prices anytime. Fliers, complimentary cards, outreach materials, posters, logos, and marketing materials can be crafted and delivered to you.

Hosting Digital Solution

Host your software or mobile apps on the AWS cloud so your customers can connect to it via http protocol from anywhere. We shall be responsible for its continuous availability and will offer additional customer support.

Web Application Development

Develop simple but market-fit web sites using AWS Lightsail on Bitnami WordPress that is resilient and can represent your business or brand. What is more, it has a hosting plan that charges on a pay as you go.

Digital Product Support

Ensure your customers are always supported when they engage your solution online by getting instant support and response to all enquiries or issues. This will increase customer trust.

Create and Manage Online Ads

Create and manage Ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, and many other online media. We will provide you regular analytics reports on ads progress and ROI.

Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites with Candiday

We Help Small and Medium Sized Business Like Yours

From start-ups to small and medium-sized business that needs those extra customer numbers to break-even, track product-market fit, carry out beta or alpha testing, or attain profitability status.

We curate our work to fit your needs.

Do You Need More Direct Customer Traffic For Your Business?

Our team of experts can optimize your website for search engine. And our Support Team is 24/7 available to be in touch and answer  all your questions and queries. Input your name and email and we shall shortly be in touch.
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